Visitors center of Poffabro (PN)

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Exhibitions “The Poffabro dairy” and “In Mont – The pastures of the Park”

The Frisanco Visitors Center is housed in the building of the former dairy in Poffabro.  The building, opened in April 1933, it is now divided into four sections: the real cheese factory on the ground floor; the pastures and natural features of the Park and Val Colvera on the second floor. On the ground floor, after a brief digression on the history of  the regional dairies, it is given particular attention to that of Frisanco, from the first meetings to the establishment of the Social Dairy Company of Poffabro-Casasola in October 1932, from the inauguration of the building in 1933, to its organization and functioning until the second half of the ’60s.
The dairy processing room is maintained with the original machinery and cheese processing equipment (’30s); a particular attention is given to the operating system of transmission belts moved by a small electric motor, the fixed system boilers for the heating of milk and the cheese press bench with movable weights (Friulian system). The upper floor houses an introductory section on the environment of the Park, presenting the geomorphological and vegetation aspects and the animal and plant species in the protected area. A special area is dedicated to Val Colvera that hosts this Visitors Center and to its architectural-landscape and geological aspects.
The permanent exhibition “In mont – the pastures of the Park” shows the inside of the dairy with the fireplace reproduction and all the utensils for the processing and transformation of milk into cheese, butter and ricotta. A multimedia station instead gathers the certificates so far collected on existing dairies (also as ruins) in the Park: a rich reality that is progressively disappearing, but that has always represented an important supplement of the family income.

Val Colvera

The dairy history

In Mont

The alpine huts of Pala Barzana