Crest path of the vajont dam

October 9, 1963 … Lest we forget

The memory of Vajont enhances its historical resonance on the places of memory.
Not to forget the absurd tragedy of 1963 there are guided tours in the most affected areas where there are still indelible marks: in addition to the immense landslide, capitals, churches, architectural skeletons and impressive floors of old houses that each year the inhabitants of the valley clean from weeds to keep them alive along with the memories of who lived there.


Short walk along the dam’s crest level walkway (to and back) with the assistance and explanations of a guide

AIM: Divulgate the story of the Vajont Dam starting from the present day (the Dam and the Vajont Valley as they are today) in order to understand the past (how and why the dam was built and what consequences this had)

TOPICS: The dam, the Vajont valley, the disaster

TIME: Ca. 50 minutes

MEETING POINT FOR GROUPS – START FOR VISIT: Vajont Dam, Memorial Chapel (Municipality of Erto e Casso – PN)

GUIDED TOURS from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

• June and July: on Saturday and on Sunday

• from 25 July to 31 August: every day

• September: on Saturday and on Sunday

• October: on Sunday



• 27th September guided tours start

at 2.30 pm

• 9th October free entry





Ticket price

Full Price Ticket: € 6,00  + € 1,00  buying commission

Reduced Price Ticket (Children up to 6 and disabled): € 0,00 (free tour) + € 1,00  buying commission

Online reservation required



Please be there 10 minutes before the start of the guided tour

Pay maximum attention to the indications and instructions given by the staff

Proceed carefully along the crest and on the way up and down the stairs

Keep calm and listen to the staff’s instructions. Do not take any unprompted initiatives

If you get isolated, go to the main entrance

No stiletto-heeled shoes admitted

Don’t leave any rubbish or throw away any objects

No smoking

The tour is not suitable for people who suffer from dizzy spells and panic crisis

Access is non allowed if you have 37,5° or more of fever

Avoid close contacts with people and keep at least 1 meter of distance from them

Always use your face mask

Limits contact with common surfaces and avoids contact with exposed objects

Frequently clean hands by using alcohol – based hand rub

Inform the park authority operator immediately in case of malaise

Please respect the indicated visit path, so as don’t cross other incoming visitors. Don’t go beyond the places where prohibitions have been placed

By confirming the booking, you agree to have read and understood the notes provided above.



Visitors Center of Erto e Casso

Exhibitions “The Vajont Catastrophe – A space for memory” and “Vajont: images and memories”

The Visitors Center of Erto e Casso (PN) is located in the village of Erto, in the building of the former elementary school of the village.
It is one of the most important and complete documentation centers on the Vajont disaster and valuable point of reference for studies and research.