Crest path of the vajont dam

October 9, 1963 … Lest we forget

The memory of Vajont enhances its historical resonance on the places of memory.
Not to forget the absurd tragedy of 1963 there are guided tours in the most affected areas where there are still indelible marks: in addition to the immense landslide, capitals, churches, architectural skeletons and impressive floors of old houses that each year the inhabitants of the valley clean from weeds to keep them alive along with the memories of who lived there.

Short tours
(40 minutes) are suitable for those who want to know in a short time how the tragedy occurred and about the abuses committed until the last few moments before that terrible night. The memory informants will be available to take you on the sacred site of the dam crest, miraculously remained intact. Walking on the top of the dam listening to the story is a way to feel part of that community defrauded and dispersed for ignoble economic purposes.


  • Ticket office: Vajont Dam Information Office of Erto and Casso (PN)
    Time: from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM – Last entry scheduled at 05:00 PM
    Fee: 5 € / person
    Duration: about 40 minutes

Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites

  • Tel: +39 0427 87333

Tourist Board of  Erto and Casso

Tourist Board of  Longarone

Tourist Board of  Vajont


  • Pay full attention to the instructions of the
  • Always stay with the
  • Be careful along the way and on the way up and down
  • Do not touch equipment, panels, photographs and other
  • Keep calm and listen to the instructions of the operators without taking
  • If you remain isolated, head towards the main
  • Do not enter with shoes with high
  • Do not drop out waste, do not throw
  • Do not
  • The route is not suitable for those who have a fear of heights and panic attacks


“Long guided tours”

If you have more time and want to explore the history of the whole event there is the chance to book a long guided tour (about 3 hours) that in addition to the crest will show you the landmarks of the Vajont disaster, some hidden, others secret, where to enter on tiptoe. Experience the ancient life of the grasslands overlooking the villages of Erto and Casso, imagine the old-time works, the simplicity of the evenings spent around the campfire. See what remains of the lake and the incessant work of nature that seems to soothe these memorable scars by growing plants, trees and precious flowers on the slopes of Mount Toc and on the landslide itself. Places of memory that, along with the stories of the Naturalistic Guides of the Friulian Dolomites, will become indignation metaphors,  to reflect on, to understand, not to forget.

For info and reservations call 0427.87333


Visitors Center of Erto e Casso

Exhibitions “The Vajont Catastrophe – A space for memory” and “Vajont: images and memories”

The Visitors Center of Erto e Casso (PN) is located in the village of Erto, in the building of the former elementary school of the village.
It is one of the most important and complete documentation centers on the Vajont disaster and valuable point of reference for studies and research.