Mountain pine oil guesthouse in Cimolais

The Mountain pine oil guesthouse in Cimolais (PN) was inaugurated in 2010 for the presentation of the building completely restored, that until the early 70s, for 20 years used to house a small processing factory of mountain pine. There are many visitors who stay at the property and then leave at dawn, with backpackers and reach the highest peaks of our territory: some do this for simple passion, accompanied by expert guides of the park, while others, for the constant study and monitoring of species and environmental features where the overnight stay is not limited to a single night but requires a more extended stay.
The building, although fully restored, has maintained the original look of the past and looks like a big “factory” at the foot of Val Cimoliana; it was born for the storage and processing of mountain pines to derive its essential oil with balsamic and antiseptic features.

On the ground floor today there are a warehouse space, a media room and an elevator shaft; on the first floor, a large terrace leads to the Guesthouse through a wide bright and quiet dining room, furnished in a modern and functional style and a kitchenette; the second floor has two comfortable bedrooms (one with a bathroom for the disabled) for a total of 4 beds; the third floor houses two more bedrooms with 5 beds each and 2 bathrooms with more shower rooms.

The Guesthouse is available for students, hikers, researchers and participants in groups of affiliated study. It is suitable for anyone who wants to take a guided tour of the park, providing a great point of departure or arrival for a variety of excursions for those who love hiking and mountain-biking.
It is open all year and located at the entrance of Val Cimoliana, the heart of our beautiful territory recognized  since June 26th , 2009 World Heritage UNESCO, thanks to its unique landscape, geological and geo- morphological beauty.
From the windows of each room you can enjoy sublime landscapes: the view of Val Cimoliana, the colors of the Priests Peak (2703 m) and Vacalizza (2266m) and a glimpse of the small village of San Floriano, from which stands out the small cross erected on the same name church.

It is thanks to this privileged position that from here you can easily reach the main points of interest: the village of Cimolais, the “Pré de Cecio”, the rest area with children’s games, services and grill, ideal for a day in company or the Camping Bresin, a special area with facilities for caravans, campers and tents, or, alternatively, make direct short or challenging hikes that branch off along the 13 km of the valley leading to the hut Pordenone.


  • Location: Mugolio – 33080 Cimolais (PN)
  • Number of beds: 14 beds in total, 2 bedrooms 5 beds, 1 triple and 1 single room
  • Price per person: 15,00 € / night per
  • Prices for school groups, sport associations and individual affiliated: 8,00 € / night per
  • Surcharge for sheets use: 3,00 €

To book please contact our offices at: 042787333

Once defined with our operators the date of accommodation, fill in the booking form available in the section FORMS ONLINE and send it to our offices.