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The Park hospitality for visitors is realized through a series of activities whose purpose is to inform, introduce and direct the viewer to discover the territory and its features and peculiarities.

Information offices, located in the Visitors Centers or near the main valleys and the most significant points of interest, are open during the periods of most increased tourism and they have skilled staff able to provide the latest information on various aspects of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park (nature trails, access conditions, rules and behaviors, etc.). The Visitors Centers house thematic exhibitions, archives, small guesthouses and educational courses suitable for everyone, even school groups. The Visitors Centers allow you to visit the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park guided by qualified experts on plants, nature trails, local history and animals.
The Visitors Centers and the Information points are available to the visitor to provide ideas suitable to visit the area properly; every place houses thematic, multimedia and educational exhibitions useful to deepen the know better the territory.
The main landmark is the Cimolais Center, where there is also the administrative headquarters of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park and where it is housed an entire exposition dedicated to the fauna of the Park.
To visit the Vajont area and the landslide of Mount Toc and know the sad story of the catastrophe you should go to the Information point of the Vajont Dam and the Erto Visitors Center, one of the most important and complete documentation centers on the Vajont disaster and valid point of reference for studies and research.

For those wishing to learn all about the world of birds, their relationships with man and the environment, we recommend a visit to the Birdlife Area of Andreis, where in addition to the exhibition of birds staged at the Visitors Center you can visit the aviaries, recovery for the injured birds.

Vegetation and forests are the topics widely exposed at the Visitors Center of Forni di Sopra and Forni di Sotto, complemented by themed tours for children such as the Children’s path and interesting forest archaeology itineraries.

In Claut ethnography and prehistory are perfectly combined: in the Visitors Center Museum House Clautana you can learn about ancient crafts and the role that women have played in the life of mountain while the easy route of alpine hut Casavento leads to discover the dinosaur fossil footprints found in 1994.

In Poffabro the Visitors Center, made by retrieving an old dairy farm, is dedicated to the processing of milk and the ancient craft of the herdsman.

In Tramonti di Sopra the Visitors Center houses a dedicated water route to disseminate the values ​​of this natural resource in the various spheres of life on Earth until the energy exploitation.

Below you will find the list and opening hours with the related descriptions of all the Visitors Centers and Information Points located throughout the Park..

The Visitors Centers

  • Information Point at the Vajont Dam – Erto and Casso (PN)