Visitors Center of Cimolais (PN)

Orari di apertura

Exhibitions “The fauna of the Park” and “The distillation of mountain pine oil”

Opened on May 24, 2008 the Cimolais Center has then changed its look. An exhibition divided into four sections devoted entirely to the Wildlife Park through an interactive and multimedia tour. Brand new: the Sensitive Floor, a dynamic floor where visitors can interact with the background images, modifying them as they wish.

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This Visitors Center is located on the ground floor of the building which also houses the administrative offices of the Park. It is composed of various sections that lead the visitor through a path specially designed to give a specific and detailed overview of the Park fauna. At the entrance the visitor has access to some information on the three project partner parks: the Friulian Dolomites Park, the Julian Alps Park and the Triglav National Park. Also you can know through specific panels the other visitors centers of the Park and the main points of interest.

A plastic wall reconstructs the perimeter of the park and a projection highlights the territorial map that shows in rotation descriptions and placement of the major dairies, points of interest, shelters, nature trails and visitors centers. Continuing towards the corridor there are other descriptive and informative panels on FAUNA, FLORA and GEOLOGY of the Park. One display shows the natural findings regarding these three main features. It is possible for instance to observe a lichen, a  roe deer’s antler or a marl limestone. The first room contains instead a particular path that will entertain both adults and children. On the wall are collected the main features of the three most popular animals in the Park: eagles, chamois and marmots. The entire opposite wall houses a display with removable objects containing real parts of animals such as feathers, skulls, skins, eggs but also fingerprints reconstructions

Opening the sound drawers you can hear the chamois, marmot and eagle’s call. And in other you can discover and see with your own eyes how is made the bed of a chamois or the lair of the marmot.

The fauna

The path continues to the interactive and dynamic floor built in a special room equipped with video projectors that show sensitive images: by touching them you can blow away the fog from the trees and from the mountains, you can step on dry leaves or leave footprints in the snow.

The last part of the corridor ends the exhibition with a deepening about:

The descriptive panels are complemented by evocative and impressive wall paintings, made by Mario Alimede, where you can recognize the different animals painted in their natural environment.

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