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Wildlife park of Pianpinedo

A wildlife park can be defined as a structure that aims to preserve a natural resource, such as a group of animals at risk of extinction, and to carry out scientific research. These two activities are usually associated with environmental education for school children and adults.

Pian PinedoThe Wildlife Park of Pianpinedo belongs to the municipality of Cimolais, where access to the public is managed by the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, with the aim of enhancing and amplifying our perception of nature. It is situated in the area named “Plain of Pinedo”, between the villages of Cimolais and Claut and the borders of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park and it covers an area of ​​35 hectares completely fenced.

Created with the purpose of safeguarding the maintenance and safety of each animal species, ensuring a life as close as possible to the wild one in terms of socialization spaces, the Wildlife Park of Pianpinedo represents a unique opportunity to come into direct contact with nature and wants to convey, to adults and children, the importance of respecting animals and their natural environment. The Wildlife Park of Pianpinedo is also a wonderful example of biodiversity, since just this area’s microclimate is the same of the highest peaks of the Dolomites and it is definitely a summary of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park territory.

The animals housed are Deer, i Roe Deer, a colony of Ibex and Chamois.

It has also been built a fence for Marmots and a reptile house.

Inside the Wildlife Park of Pianpinedo you can observe several examples of local birdlife.

Visitors are welcome at the Pianpinedo’s Visitors Center that aims to promote the “senses of nature”: one has the impression of walking in a virtual forest or in a cave, in which sounds and smells are amplified in order to make them more noticeable.

The structure is enriched by a real lumberjacks’ house that accurately reproduces the living reality of the wood workers of the last century.


  • Fee: € 3 full, 2 € reduced
  • Ticket office: at the Visitors Center of Pianpinedo
  • Guided tours are available for groups, booking only
  • Tel: +39 042787333

Wildlife Area “Parulana” in the municipality of Forni di Sopra – UD Friuli Dolomites

The wildlife Parulana area is not a zoo , which has no purpose, but an interlude of habitats in which to observe the animals becomes possible for everyone. In the design, it was therefore considered that the supply of material and animal environments, is accompanied also offer teaching, which impels one to understand the species and their role in the ecosystem, but also to push than to wildlife and the realization that only through an appropriate behavior, quiet and respectful, the encounter between man and animal becomes possible and memorable. Wanting to educate the nature, even in our fences animal observation is not granted, it can take time and patience. It wanted that in the pens, the animal had a natural habitat that preserve the freedom not to show himself; a freedom that should teach you that the animal is not a commodity on display, but a gift of nature. (Dr. Antonio Borgo, espoerto faunista).

The structure was designed with two main goals. The first is to enforce the visitor some wildlife species that, in nature, there are a small number of specimens or have lifestyle habits, often at night, that does not always accord with the preferred time by most hikers. The second is to start the endangered species study projects, also for the reintroduction in the wild of specimens born in captivity.

AREA FAUNISTICA PARULANAFor this purpose, the enclosures that house the animals have adequate size to ensure the “guests” a high degree of naturalness and the ability to isolate in areas not reached by sources of disturbance. The visitor then will engage in animal research (better then obtain a binocular), knowing that it will certainly gratified by the opportunity to observe an animal in a natural and made environment that can take home, as well as images imprinted in my mind, also some beautiful photographs.

Along the pedestrian paths that run parallel to the various fences are positioned where the boards are illustrated the biology of various animals, their habits and some curiosity that concern them. Of course you can ask to be accompanied in the personal visit preparation is to guide children and young people of school age and to provide more information to adults who wish to improve their knowledge.

The wildlife “Parulana” area is developed today on a surface of 5 hectares, where they find the location of the animal enclosures: about 0.5 hectares for foxes, about 2 hectares for deer, about 1 hectare for the lynx in addition to a aviary for owls.

All fences are crossed by a natural stream that ensures the running cold water for all the animals. Special features of this stream is the flow rate constant throughout the year and purity certified by the presence of crayfish (hence the name “Riù by Giambars” ).

Currently the building has the following animals:

– 4 DEER NOBLE (two males and two females)

– 2 OWLS REAL (one male and one female)


– 1 LYNX

For further information visit the website www.fun.fornidisopra.org


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