Val tagliamento


Forni di Sopra (UD)

Children’s Path

Hiking trail used for environmental- educational  activities.

Path Truoi dai Sclops

It is the most scenic route of the Park on the Fornese side; known as Truoi dai Sclops (Gentianellas’ Path) is important for its botanical peculiarities that you can meet in the different typical environments of the Dolomites, among pine woods, screes, pastures and alpine meadows.

Wildlife Area “Parulana”

The wildlife Parulana area is not a zoo, which has no purpose, but an interlude of habitats in which to observe the animals becomes possible for everyone. In the design, it was therefore considered that the supply of material and animal environments, is accompanied also offer teaching, which impels one to understand the species and their role in the ecosystem… For further information

Truoi dal Von

Download here the map

Forni di Sotto (UD)

Val Poschiadea cableway

Path of the Mountain Pass Lareseit

The environment that this excursion leads us to discover is included in the main connection area between the valley of the upper Tagliamento and the upper Valcellina.

The route goes up Val Poschiadea, significantly subject to erosive activities but at the same time well defended by the presence of a large forest cover.