Nature reserve of cellina gorge

Marchio Riserva Naturale Forra del Cellina


  • Extension: 304 hectares
  • Law: R. Law 13/1998
  • Province: Pordenone (PN)
  • Common: Andreis, Barcis, Montereale
  • Rivers: Cellina, Molassa, Alba
  • Peaks: Cameroni (1470 m)

Clear and transparent are the waters that flow into the Cellina Gorge, an amazing canyon formed by steep rocks that plunge vertically into the creek with crystal clear water, between stillness and beauty of the Nature Reserve managed by the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park.

The reserve affects the most significant part of the large incision that the Cellina stream carved in the limestone layers between Barcis and Montereale before its outlet in the high plains of Pordenone. The geo- morphological aspect is typical of a great canyon, the largest in the region and one of the most spectacular in Italy.

The Natural Reserve of the Cellina Gorge Stream is the latest established in chronological order (Regional Law 13 of 1998) and it was identified within the Finding areas listed in L.R. 42 / ’96 (on Parks Act).
The area is a part of the ex-B.5 Scope of protection “Gorge Cellina” already indicated by the Regional Urban Plan of 1978.

The Reserve establishment allows the protection of the naturalistic and landscape aspects of one of the most beautiful valley engravings of the Alps.

The territory of the Reserve covers an area of ​​about 304 hectares that includes: the upper part of the sluice channel of the stream Cellina, downstream of Barcis valley, the narrow incision of the Molassa stream, the westernmost part of the Fara forest in the northern slope of Mount Fara (1342 meters above sea level) and an area with steep rocky walls on the northern slope of Mt. I Cameroni (1470 meters above sea level) called the Pics.
In these areas prevail carbonate rocks (limestone) of the Cretaceous period.

The reserve also includes, further north, an undulated morphology territory, also known as Dint, located between the village Molassa and the Antoi Bridge area, in which predominate sandy-marly rocks.

This area can be accessed:

  • From the south along the National Road #251 “of Valcellina and Val di Zoldo”. After the village of Montereale Valcellina, before the tunnel that crosses Mount Fara to the left starts the “old road” that runs through the gorge and then leads to the Reserve.
    You can continue along the National Road #251 until exit of Andreis and reach the reserve heading towards the village Molassa.
  • From the north by taking the National Road #251, at Longarone continue towards Barcis through the villages of Erto-Casso, Cimolais and Claut. After crossing the village of Barcis turn right towards the Antoi Bridge dam near which you can enter the reserve.
    In Barcis there is the Visitors Center of the Cellina Gorge, opened in those periods of concentrating tourism in the area.

The old road of Valcellina

A travel full of charm in one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural reserves of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The crystal clear waters and the deep canyons carved into the rocks makes memorable and beautiful this stretch of road that was once the only link of the valley with the plain. Today it is a destination for visitors from around the world, curious to see with their own eyes those colors reflected in a unique environment among water, sky and rocks.

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