Purposes of a center

Educational purposes

They are one of the most important objectives of a recovery center. Many people and especially children have very few opportunities to get in touch with nature and wild animal. The recovery center is a meeting point between wildlife and humans; the opportunity to closely observe the wildlife is for kids a great emotion and a unique opportunity for their cognitive growth.

Health Monitoring – wild animals as biological indicators

The examination of a wounded, sick or distressed animal found in the area, through a clinical examination and laboratory tests, not only provides important data on the health of wildlife, but it also allows to assess the health condition of the environment where these animals live and that we share with them. So, the wild animal becomes a biological indicator of the ecosystem health.

Recovery and reintroduction into the wild of individuals belonging to species of high biological value (rare)

The care and rehabilitation of wild animals with a high biological value (rare) is one of the main purposes of a center. These activities are undertaken usually by specialized vets; a medical intervention on an eagle or a chamois requires specialized knowledge that can not be extrapolated from the medicine concerning pet animals.