Structure of a center

A recovery center from the structural point of view can be constituted by several modules that are usually grouped in two distinct areas:

Areas closed to the public

Most of the modules of a recovery center (veterinary clinic, laboratory, therapy area, hospital area, rehabilitation area, warehouse) are closed to the public and the access to these areas is limited only to insiders.

Areas open to the public

The educational purpose is one of the key of point of a recovery center. For this reason a number of constituent modules of the center are addressed to the public (visitors center with projection room and possibly small museum, aviaries for irretrievable animals). There are guided tours and audiovisual projections, through which the visitor learns what are the activities of the center and they provide many interesting facts about the biology of wild animals. Here visitors can watch live some specimens of irretrievable birds of prey, housed in special aviaries; these animals for various reasons (wounds, traumas, human habits, etc.) can not be released into the wild.
The Recovery Center of Andreis has distinct aviaries for irretrievable animals and for those undergoing rehabilitation. Only the first are open to the public.