The Friulian Dolomites Natural Park philosophy is based on the quality that guides every action and every communication. The aim is to spread this principle to the surrounding areas and environmental users. To realize this philosophy the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park has embraced the challenge of certifications. In 2009 it obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001: 2004 that was enhanced in 2012 with the acquisition of the European EMAS certification.

Emas registered park


On March 13th 2012, the Regional Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites was EMAS Registered with registration number IT -001,432. The recognition was confirmed in 2014.

The Park has adopted an environmental management system conforming to this Regulation in order to implement a continuous improvement of its activities. Inside of the activities it has been prepared an environmental statement validated by an accredited environmental verifier and from the Ecolabel Committee – Section Ecoaudit EMAS Italy.

The Institution receives in this way a further eulogy that aims to show what done so far and to have always new goals to improve its environmental management.

ISO 14001: 2004 and EMAS are two types of environmental certification used, the first with international importance and the second at community level. Both are aimed at improving environmental performance of the institutions in which they are applied. With the application of the EMAS Regulation the Park demonstrates to the public its environmental commitment by giving evidence to the Environmental Statement. This document informs stakeholders on the implementation of its Environmental Management System and the achievement of set objectives.

Environmental certification serves as surely as an incentive for the management improvement, thanks to the fact that you have to put specific, measurable and verifiable goals. The Park has developed the Initial Environmental Analysis which takes into account the environmental aspects of the organization with related importance levels. For aspects considered significant it has been developed a program with very specific goals together with appropriate procedures suited to manage these concerns. An essential step was the drafting and approval by the Directive Board of the Environmental Policy drawn up in harmony with the mission of the park itself.

It can be divided into three parts: the first describes the characteristics of the territory, the Institution, the references to the main European directives on the environmental protection; in the second part are exposed the inspiring principles of the environmental choices made by the Institution; in the third part are described the Institution objectives to guide the environmental programs.

It highlights the importance of the involvement of the entire organization in the certification, a fundamental factor in order to obtain a good result. Even more strategic would be the opportunity to engage in this quality context the economic and administrative entities operating in the Park and the local population.


Rina Logo

On June 17th  2009 was carried out by the Certifying Body, RINA of Genoa, the visit for the achievement of ISO 14001: 2004 certification.

In 2012 the award was confirmed.

The inquiry carried out scrupulously and carefully on the Institution’s activities have led to the obtaining of this prestigious award. This result comes from a concrete work that the organization has carried out since the end of 2006 with the introduction of procedures and targets.

This effort has been made by the whole organization from the President and the Executive Council and with the involvement of all staff, employees, professionals and those who collaborate with the Park. This recognition demonstrates the large amount of work being performed and the orderliness with which this is being carried out. The Institution thus forms part of a “elite” certified parks and this further recognition highlights even more the peculiar characteristics of this territory.