Among the regulations of the Regional Law  #42/1996, founding of the protected area, the aims of the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites can be summarized as:

  • conservation, protection and restoration of ecosystems
  • social and economic promotion
  • scientific research
  • educational and formative teaching
  • testing

The protected area of ​​the Friulian Dolomites is a full part of the Alpine Network of Protected Areas and the National Federation of Natural Parks and Protected Areas; it appears also in the network of the Dolomites Parks, established by UNESCO Foundation for comparison and coordination among the protected areas of all the Dolomites recognized “World Heritage”. These structures are intended to spread and implement on a large scale common measures that allow to pursue the aims of the Natural Parks, with the aim of exporting them later as a model also in the territories still unprotected and thus contribute to improving life quality for everyone.

The Park Institution also works closely with the Julian Pre-Alps Park and the Slovenian Triglav National Park in order to create an operational synergy among the parks of the Eastern Alpine area; along with these entities were launched some cross-border projects with the intention to giving uniformity to scientific research, paths management and tourism.