Trails network

The Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites is crossed by a network of extensive paths derived from the historical uses of the territory and consists of access and transit routes and those related to traditional economic activities; to these are added the paths related to tourism activities that have developed in more recent times.

Conservation and management needs have prompted the Park Institution to distinguish two trail networks: the primary (primary trails) and the secondary (secondary trails).

Primary trails network (primary trails)

It fosters and determines the tourist use and makes accessible areas and structures of particular interest, facilitating the carrying out of maintenance, monitoring, research and and concentrating the main tourist flows.

Along these routes are also performed educational and environmental activities, both through the active direction of groups and through the information provided by signs and multimedia installations.

The Park Institution pays special attention to these paths, monitoring actions, maintenance and adjustments to ensure a minimum level of ” standard practicability”, taking into account the visibility of the track, the homogeneity of the fund and the risk level.

Secondary trails network (secondary trails)

It includes all the remaining part of the trails network; in these areas the Park Institution carries out any possible recovery actions in order to enable the identification and preservation of the tracks in time.

This trails network consists of routes addressed to selective, conscious and expert tourists, as well as being used for management, control and research purposes.